Travel Tip of the Week: The Hidden Ticket to Access AlaskaAir Board Rooms for Free

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As we all know, nothing in life is for free, but if you manage to hold a domestic First Class ticket on American Airlines going to Miami (MIA) or New York (JFK) you can access the Alaska Airlines Board Room for free.

It’s always nice to have lounge access when you travel. Makes time go by even quicker and you can relax again before a long flight. Of course, if you fly domestic First Class in a wide-body airplane you still can relax there.

I found out about this on my trip to Miami on a layover in Los Angeles. Because of my Priority Pass, I had access anyway to the lounge, but he told me that I don’t even have to show it with my ticket.

Another way to access the Board Room if you have a long-haul international trip in Business or First Class on your itinerary, for example, a transatlantic flight between the US and Europe.

However if you fly many of this routes you also get access to the Admirals Club by American Airlines. I would prefer Admirals Club over Alaska Airlines Board Room. Most of the Admirals Clubs got remodeled recently or in the process of being remodeled and they over a greater variety of amenities.

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