Travel Tip of the Week: (Limited) Free Parking at Munich Airport – MUC

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A short and quick tip for everyone who has to park at the Airport in Munich, Germany (MUC). There are a couple free parking spots, but they are limited to 30 minutes. They are located in the parking garage right across from the airport’s central area. (see photo and map)

Make sure you pick one of the free parking spots and not one of the spots which are reserved for a car rental company. It won’t be very pleasant for you if you park in their spots. Due to the limited amount it’s not always guaranteed that you will get one of this spots, but theoretically there should one become available every 30 minutes.


The easiest way to get there is to follow the signs for rental car return and just before the main building on the right side begins, make a left turn down the ramp. If you missed it, don’t worry about 200 m further down the street you can make another left turn and return and get to the parallel road to return to the ramp down to the parking garage.



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