Travel Tip of the Week: Project Visa

Ever wondered what kind of visa or restrictions are in place in a country you would like to visit? Project Visa can help you with that and give you detailed information what kind of visas (if any) you need to enter a country. They also list embassies of the different countries to contact them directly for more detailed information.

Project Visa works for every country and every originating country. This site is helpful if you plan an international trip to another country. It helps you avoiding problems during immigration or even at the airport if you don’t have the proper documents. In that case, the airline won’t let you board the plane.

Remember this site is only a guideline and laws and restrictions could have been already changed. If you are not sure, contact an embassy directly. The site helped me to plan for an upcoming trip to make sure I don’t need a visa to visit.

Project Visa also provides information about Holiday Working Visas.

The website is very easy to navigate. You can choose from a country in the drop-down list, or you click on the regions on the map. Select your destination country on the new page.

[Photo: Screenshot of Project Visa]

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