TripIt Adds Two New App Enhancements for Air Travel

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Airports getting busier again as air travel is picking up again. That’s a clear fact I noticed on my last few essential work trips. Still, many people are uncertain. Traveling is not anymore what it used to be and people are worried about procedures and services in the air.

TripIt has been at the forefront of providing services for travelers to stay up to date with the ever-changing rules and regulations. It all started with giving away TripIt’s Pro status to all its users for free to help them stay up to date with flight changes.

After that, TripIt introduced their Travel Guidance feature to help people stay up to date with changing regulations for their planned trips. This didn’t just include the regulations of different countries all over the world. TripIt also provided updated information about guidelines and regulations on a state level in certain countries, like the United States.

Later on, that feature was improved and Pro members received the capability to search for these restrictions before they plan a trip. Pro users were able to look up these regulations now before creating a trip in TripIt.

Airline-specific COVID-19 travel guidance

As of today, all users of TripIt can now get information about airline-specific COVID-19 travel guidance. This feature can be used by tapping the guidebook button from the trip itinerary screen. On the next screen, you will see a list of the airlines you are booked on. Tap on the airline name and you will see the airline’s COVID-19 information and guidelines. These include…

  • Relevant information regarding masks, health documentation, and temperature scans
  • Your airline’s blocked middle seat policy
  • Availability of food and beverage service
  • Information around enhanced cleaning measures and HEPA filters

To enable this feature make sure your Android or iOS app is up to date. Airline-specific COVID-19 travel guidance is currently available for 77 airlines. TripIt is planning on adding more airlines over time. The information for this feature is provided by Riskline.

Interactive Airport Maps with COVID-19 information enhancements

TripIt also improved its interactive airport maps to provide more information for travelers concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic. You can now search the interactive airport map for locations of COVID-19 testing sites, stores that sell face coverings, hand sanitizer stations, and personal protective equipment (PPE) vending machines. To use this feature, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your phone. Unfortunately, you also need to be a Pro user as well. 

To use the interactive airport maps, go to your flight details screen and under Airports, you will see airport maps for your departure, layover, and arrival airports. Airports labeled with “Pro” can show an interactive map. Currently, there are 105 global airports that offer these enhanced interactive maps. There you can search for these health- and safety-related amenities. For example, you can enter “COVID-19” for testing sites, “hand sanitizer” for stations, “mask” for shops selling face coverings, and “PPE” for PPE vending machines.


This is one of the best ways to stay up to date with the ever-changing travel guidelines. It looks like we are getting slowly back to normal as there are more and more vaccines available. TripIt is still my favorite travel management apps in which I track my itineraries and stay informed about everything from flight changes to COVID-19 health guidelines.

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