U.S. Fall Foliage Prediction Map 2020

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Fall is upon us and the leaves will change their colors, creating a beautiful ocean of colors. Every year we can witness mother nature creating a master art piece. Have you seen pictures of trees with red and yellow leaves? A whole forest changing color and if you get it right, you have multiple colors at the same time. It looks amazing, no matter if you just out for a road trip with some beautiful sights through the fall foliage or you actually want to go out and photograph nature’s art piece. But you need to know when to go and where to be. Leaves change their colors at different times, depending on the region. Also, different plants change their color more rapidly or less rapidly as well.

A great tool is the Fall Foliage Map, which SmokyMountains.com creates every year again. At the bottom of the map, you have a slider to select the different dates and you can see how the colors on the map change. Each color has a different meaning, which the legend to the right of the map explains. 

Fall Foliage Map 2020
It is a very helpful tool to plan your road trip to get the best of the fall colors this year. Fall Foliage is hard to predict and the map only gives you estimates. Be flexible with your plans if you really want to see the fall foliage and if it’s your main reason for traveling. As we are still in the midst of a pandemic, check out Google Map’s latest feature, the COVID-19 layer, to give you better guidance on how places are doing in relation to the coronavirus.

SmokyMountains.com also gives a great explanation of why leaves change their color and why they different colors. It’s a great resource to learn some more about mature nature. Stay safe and healthy while traveling and always respect local guidelines.

I personally can’t wait to get some great photos of this fall. I probably will be in a not so perfect area this fall, which will require me to drive quite a bit to get to see the fall foliage. However, I am up for the challenge. 

Where will you be watching fall this year?

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