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Are you interested in Space Travel, Space Missions, and NASA? Are you geeky enough to get your “Passport to Explore Space”?.

Passport To Explore Space

Now you have the chance if you visit one of 14 NASA locations you can pick up your passport there and get your first stamp. You will visit a variety of locations all over the United States from East Coast to West Coast and learn more about what it takes to explore space. Too bad that I just found out about this about a week ago. I have been to 3 other locations already and didn’t know there is something like this passport.

Unfortunately, it seems like the passport program is dead. The last update on Facebook was in 2016 and the last update on their Twitter page in 2013. I messaged them on both networks and didn’t receive any replies. As it looks like it’s the same with their website. However, the site is still online and shows you information about the different locations you have to visit to complete your passport.

Some of the locations are still promoting the passport, like the Kennedy Space Center. That’s where I got mine but even tho that they mention it on their website, it took the employee a while to find out what I was talking about. It also seems the passports were sitting there for a while already. The staples which hold the passport together already started to rust.

Explore Space Passport

The benefits you get for completing the passport vary by location. At the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex you get the following benefits according to their website:

  • $5 Savings on admission to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
  • 10% Savings on retail purchases

The $5 off the admission is not really a lot considering the $50 admission for a regular adult ticket. You have to do a lot of traveling to complete your passport and travel across the whole country and that’s only worth $5? Before you go and visit the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, check-in your hotel for the Space Coast Fun Guide or receive a digital copy for free. Currently, there is a coupon for $2.50 off for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for up to 6 people.

But back to the passport. Below is an overview map of all 14 locations throughout the US. You can find the detailed list, with additional information on

NASA Visitor Centers and Space Shuttle Locations (c)

Get your copy today at one of the above locations and start collecting your stamps. Also please let NASA know to activate the passport program again and to maintain the Facebook and Twitter accounts. You could email NASA, tweet to NASA or send them a message on Facebook.

Challenge Accepted!

Even tho that the program seems to be discontinued I will try to earn all 14 stamps. This will give me not just a full passport, it will also guide me to interesting spots around the country. Challenge Accepted! So what do you think? Will you try to get an Explore Space Passport and complete it?

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