Visit in Santiago de Chile

On my trip to Chile, I also had the chance to explore Santiago de Chile for two days. But the time was way too short to see everything. The first day was not to nice, very cloudy day and not a lot of sun. But at least it was still warm outside and not very humid.

My first stop was Parque Arauco, a big and very nice shopping mall, with all kinds of shops and food, even a very nice outdoor patio.


After that, I went with the Metro towards the city center. I have to say the Metro-System here reminds me a bit of London. Very organized and clean everything. Patrolled by security so it is a safe place for travel. But not only the Metro is clean, the city and even the countryside is very clean. Nothing compared to Panama.

I really enjoyed my time here, but there is so much more to do here and I didn’t have enough time to see more. But enjoy the photos and let me know if you would like to go there or even have been to Santiago.