Watch the Total Lunar Eclipse on September 27, 2015 at Griffith Obervatory

If you are in Los Angeles on September 27, 2015, and have the evening off, make sure you go to the Griffith Observatory. They will have a viewing event of the total lunar eclipse. The second one in this year. A lunar eclipse can only happen when the moon passes behind the earth and sun, earth and moon have to be almost perfectly aligned. The eclipse will last a few hours and it’s safe to view without any eye protection because they are much dimmer. The lunar eclipse can also be seen from everywhere of the world with a night sky during the moon passing behind the earth unlike solar eclipses, which you can only view from certain points in the world and only last for a few minutes.

Griffith Observatory has an event for this coming lunar eclipse. Just go there, hang out and enjoy the view. Make sure you arrive on time because parking will be limited and I bet a lot of people will show up. The highlight of the solar eclipse will be around 7:45 pm PDT.

If you can’t make it to the observatory or to Los Angeles, view the live stream.

For more information visit the NASA eclipse website


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