A Hilarious Driveway in Alaska

Alaska, USA
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On my recent trip to Alaska, I took a small road trip from Fairbanks to Anchorage. I left early enough to get on time to my flight leaving Anchorage this evening. It was an amazing drive and there was still snow everywhere even tho it was already the beginning of May. Heck, on my drive to Anchorage I drove through rain, snowfall, and some light hail. All in that one drive in one day. Clouds covered the whole sky and there was no end in sight. It’s not the perfect condition for great photos, but who knows when I get here the next time, so I had to take pictures.

I pulled out into a parking lot near the lodge at the Denali National Park entrance. The view would be pretty good from here if it wouldn’t be for all the clouds.

On the other side of the street was a sign “Experience The View, Turn Right Here”. This was an open invitation I had to take. I drove up Grande Drive or Denali Grande Road. I guess they couldn’t make up their mind and put two street signs here but according to Google Maps, the little road up to the top is called Grande Drive.

Experience The View

One of the first signs on the side of the road I saw showed “Speed limit 13mph Radar Enforced”. First of all, I never have seen a 13mph speed limit sign and radar enforced? As I continued the drive up to the top, I saw more and more weird signs and I just had to take pictures of them. The road leads up to the Grande Denali Lodge and to the Alpenglow Restaurant. The signs just got more and more hilarious as I continued the drive up. But be aware that you should actually take some of the signs serious. Especially that there is a curve coming and that you shouldn’t park on the road. The road is just an unpaved road with some paved patches.

13 MPH Speed Limit and Radar Enforced
You should obey this sign. Especially if it has snowed here.

And the sign was right, the view from up there is amazing. It would have been even better if there wouldn’t be as many clouds as during my trip. You should check it out.

View from near the Alpenglow Restaurant
Alpenglow Restaurant

Spoiler Alert: If you want to find out for yourself, don’t look at the pictures below.


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