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I love to travel but I will never make it a priority in life. I believe it that just comes along with the errands of life unexpectedly. I am a traveler-but-not-really because unlike most travelers I will never give up my office life to be on the road and travel all my days. I admire people who have done that but I know it’s not for me.

A few months ago I got free tickets to witness the 22nd Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. The event was held at Clark, Pampanga. Minus the terrible traffic that is a two-hour drive from Manila. It is a sports aviation event in Asia featuring hot air balloons, aerobatic expeditions, formation flying, paragliding, skydiving and many more ground activities. It is a four-day event and as the organizers said, “it is a weekend of everything that flies”.

Hot air balloons, you’re so near yet so far.
Gliders, like lovers in the sky.

On our way home, we had lunch in a hotel, which looked like an old city called Las Casas Acuzar Filipinas. It is located by the beach in the town of Bagac, Bataan. Its buildings were actually old houses shipped and reconstructed in the location. It was like I traveled back in time. The ambiance of the whole place was like a feel of old China, Europe, and old Philippine streets.

Take a closer look at how these are intricately made.


Streets in cobblestones

Bataan itself has a significant history. It is famous as one of the last stands of American and Filipino soldiers before the Japanese forces overwhelmed them in World War II.

An Old Catholic Church


Way to the fountain.

It was indeed a fun weekend. The experience and sights are overwhelming. I wish I could have that every day but I know it’s not for me because right now, I need to do some work. Hope to go out with you next time.

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