The Secret SkyDeck at Hong Kong International Airport

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Hong Kong International Airport is one of the most amazing airports in the world. It’s an international hub for Asia and air-traffic is increasing every year.

If you are as much into planespotting as me, you like a good view of the airport. Luckily there is a public observation platform on top of Terminal 2 which gives you a good view of Terminal 1 and both runways as well as traffic to and from the gates. Did you know about the SkyDeck? I didn’t and there is not even a sign until you are almost in front of the elevator. The only marked the Aviation Discovery Centre

The SkyDeck is accessed through the Aviation Discovery Centre, which is located next to the IMAX theatre in Terminal 2 on Level 6. The Aviation Discovery Centre can be accessed free of charge. However, the entrance to the SkyDeck comes with a fee of HKD15 which equals about $1.90 USD.

Entrance to the IMAX and Aviation Discovery Centre
Star Wars Characters along the way to the Aviation Discovery Centre
Aviation Discovery Centre
Aviation Discovery Centre
Aviation Discovery Centre

The ticket can be bought at the theatre counter. There is a separate line to buy the SkyDeck tickets. During my visit, there was only one staff member present at the counter and was serving the theatre register as well selling the SkyDeck tickets.

Nobody was checking my ticket to get on the elevator or even on the SkyDeck. After the elevator ride to the top, you will walk up a small ramp to get to the observation deck.

Elevator up to the SkyDeck
Elevator to the SkyDeck

There is not much up there. not even benches to sit down. There are a few viewing-binoculars but that’s about it. You get a good 360° view of the airport. The SkyDeck is great to watch planes departing. Arriving planes are hard to see but you get a good glimpse of them as they are taxing to their gates. During my 45 minutes up there, I was the only visitor. As it was hazy during my visit, the photos were not as clear as I wished them to be. A regular camera gives you great pictures of the whole airport, but you will need a long focal length to get some good close up photos of planes. I would recommend a minimum of 400mm as the focal length of your camera to get some good shots.

Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1
Panorama from the SkyDeck

I came up here during my visit to the Cathay Pacific Arrivals Lounge and needed to wait until I could check in to my hotel in Hong Kong.

The Aviation Discovery Centre is quite amazing as well, as it gives visitors a better understanding of aviation and why planes fly. This is a great exhibition for young and old.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 9:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The observation deck gets closed during storm warnings or can be closed at any time for maintenance without prior notice.


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