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Hi! I’m Gladys. I am a traveler but not really. Most of my life is curbed in an office room. I love to travel but I don’t do it intently. I love the sun and skies but I don’t try any effort to be under it. I know there’s a lot in the world to see but that’s not the way I go. I travel only when I’m asked to. I travel only when there’s a need to. I travel only when I’m invited to go, that makes me a “Traveler but not really”.

So, how this idea did came to be? It’s when one night (almost midnight), I received a call to go on a road trip. An hour later I found myself in a bus bound to somewhere my companions thought I know well of but not really.

From Manila, I was set to go to the northern part of the Philippines, in a city called Vigan. It is a 7-8 hour trip from Manila. Vigan is one of the few towns in the Philippines that has kept Spanish influence in the country through its architecture. The town is known for its cobblestones streets and Spanish Era structures. Vigan is also home to museums that will tell a lot about the country’s history during the Spanish period. The easiest way to go around the city is by riding a calesa. If you are someone who loves history, Vigan is the place to be.

Calle Crisologo

Next stop, is La Union! No, it’s not really a stop. I’m not even sure if the photos I took are in La Union. But if you love the seas, sands and skies, never forsake visiting the place. La Union is most popular for its surfing spots. While on our ride to Baguio City I took the chance to take photos of the coastal roads. Facing the West Philippine Sea, I tell you, these beaches are must see.

View of West Philippine Sea from somewhere between La Union and Ilocos
View of West Philippine Sea from somewhere between La Union and Ilocos

Our final stop is a walk in Burnham Park. It will give you romantic feels. The pine trees and flowers are sure things to love. What I love here is how cheap their strawberries are. There’s even Taho (a Philippine snack food made of fresh soft/silken tofu, arnibal (sweetener and flavoring), and sago pearl (similar to tapioca pearls) in strawberry flavor. Other fruits and vegetables are also very affordable. What’s unique about this city is its shops don’t use air conditioner; it is uncommon in the Philippines being a tropical country. The final stop is Baguio City, a perfect place to end a long trip because of its cool temperature.

Flowers of Baguio
Strawberries of Baguio

Today, I’m back to my four-cornered walls again and I am waiting to receive another call. Where to go next? That I don’t know. It’s actually up to you.

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