Air New Zealand – The World’s Coolest Safety Video

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Air New Zealand is back with a new and entertaining safety video. You might know some of their previous and amazing safety videos like “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made” or their “Men In Black Safety Video“. Now Air New Zealand is back with the world’s coolest safety video – literally!

Air New Zealand teamed up with Hollywood actor, filmmaker, and environmentalist (UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador) Adrian Grenier to take the viewers on a breath-taking journey to Antarctica. He is most known for Adrian met up with scientists from Scott Base to track penguin populations, study ice core samples and visit early explorer Ernest Shackleton’s hut and the vast Dry Valleys. Grenier, whose environmental work also includes co-founding ocean conservation non-profit Lonely Whale, says it was a privilege to partner with Air New Zealand and Antarctica New Zealand on the video project.

Adrian Grenier filming sequence (Courtesy of Air New Zealand)

Air New Zealand’s long-standing partnership with Antarctica New Zealand and the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute. To minimize the environmental impact of filming, a total crew of just six traveled to Antarctica, with Scott Base scientists and staff doubling as supporting talent in the safety video.
22 students aged eight to ten years old from Christchurch’s Hornby Primary School also play a starring role, appearing in footage shot in Canterbury Museum’s Antarctic Gallery. Christchurch has been a gateway to Antarctica for more than 100 years and the museum holds an internationally significant collection of artifacts from early expeditions.

Adrian Grenier and Scott Base crew (Courtesy of Air New Zealand)

Some people are angry about the new safety video because of a crash of an Air New Zealand plane in Antarctica in 1979. This was tragic as all 257 lives aboard died in the crash. The new safety video was filmed in the very place the plane crashed almost 40 years ago. Some of the family members of the victims of this crash were upset with the video.

I am not old enough to remember this accident and I am sure it was tragic and is still tragic for the family members and relatives. I don’t know how I would react in that situation, as I don’t have personal experience. But air traffic got a lot safer and sometimes it needs an accident first before changes occur. Remember ValuJet Flight 592?

Besides the history of the Air New Zealand crash, I find this safety video very good. We are blaming airlines and corporations for accidents and deaths but are we doing anything about the issues on our planet. We, humans, are killing mother earth slowly day by day. Global warming is one of the biggest factors and of course, airlines are playing a role as well in that. But this is a whole different topic.

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