Air Asia Flight QZ 8501: Cyber Criminals using mystery as Bait

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Air Asia Flight QZ 8501 was found missing on December 27th after loosing contact with air traffic control due to weather. The plane was flying from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore with 167 people on board.

According to Air Asia, the flight had seven crew members and 155 passengers (137 adults, 17 children and one infant). The airplane was flying at 32.000 feet and was asked to climb to 38.000 feet due cloudy weather in the area around the island of Belitung. (Coordinates 03°22’15″ South and 109°41’28″ East).

Cybercriminals are known to exploit every possible way to steal personal information, they also don’t stop using this tragedy to snatch your personal information or spread malware. Since people are now tracking the news about this event mostly on social media, there are spam posts on social media channels, which should bring users to fake news sites and other sites to download or infect their PC’s with malware or ask for more personal information

There is a post out there claiming “Missing AirAsia flight QZ850 has been found and that all its passengers are safe and alive” . But once you click on that link it redirects you to a malicious  website.


Here are some reminders for online users:

  • Be careful on clicking any links on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter related to Air Asia Flight QZ 8501
  • Use genuine and reputed news sites to get updates about the missing Air Asia Flight
  • If you already liked or shared such a link, it’s best to delete it from your Facebook Wall or Twitter Timeline


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