A Beautiful Day in Austria

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Once you look at the picture and read the title you think this was a great sunny day in Austria. Well actually the day was amazing, I went skiing, but what you probably don’t expect is, that picture was taken around 11 pm.

It doesn’t look like a night shoot and I also didn’t do a crazy long exposure of hours to catch all the light. Actually, the exposure was just around 3 minutes but the moon was shining so bright and all the snow reflected the light. It was easy to walk around late at night in a little valley, where my guesthouse was. There were no street lights, but it was bright enough to not need any kind of flashlight or similar. I tried to get a couple of great shots at night and I got less than expected but that picture is pretty neat. I also like the look of the water. It is kinda foggy and if you look at the sky you can see some short star trails.

It was fun going out at night and taking these pictures. You can find the whole collection in my Flickr album.

Day or Night

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