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Public restrooms are now rare in cities. They are expensive to maintain and people also don’t take care of them and just abuse them. This is why public restrooms getting harder to find. But what to do if nature is calling you? The solution is Airpnp.Β Here you can rent a private restroom for your “business” no matter if it’s small or big.

airpnp-locationThe listed bathrooms are from private households, bars, and restaurants or whoever wants to share it. Also, the price range is interesting. There are free bathrooms and I found one in Seattle for 10$. Some also offer coffee or the ability to use the shower.

Right now there are not a lot of places listed, but maybe you want to list yours.

Right now there is only an iOS app available. If you have another device, you have to open the website and find one on the website.
To find one on the website, click on “Find a Place”. If your browser tells you that the website is asking for your location, accept it. This will ease the search because the website can now determine your position and show you places in your near surroundings and not on the other side of the world.

Now you should see some flags on the map. If you click on them you get more details about the specific location, like a picture and reviews. You also have a share button.

I haven’t used AirPnP yet but sometimes I wished there was a service like this.

Anybody ever used it? What is your experience? Share in the comments please.

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