Airberlin: Get two €10/$20 travel coupons

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The german airline Airberlin is in a bad financial situation right now. Airberlin is planning on eliminating 1.200 jobs and shrinking their fleet. Their biggest competitor, Lufthansa, has announced that they will lease up to 40 aircraft from Airberlin.

These are pretty bad news for any airline but nevertheless, Airberlin is giving away “money” to future travelers. You can score two €10/$20 coupons for your next flight.

You can score two €10/$20 coupons for your next flight just by signing up for the newsletter. If you are already signed up for the newsletter. You need to enter a new email address.

The coupons are valid until 12/31/2016!

This is not a lot, but on the other end, it could be also a small meal in the airport or onboard your flight with Airberlin.

How to

  1. Go to – If you already signed up for the newsletter, you need to choose a different email address.
    (c) Airberlin
    (c) Airberlin
  2. Wait for the confirmation e-mail to arrive and click on the link in the email. Fill out the information (you don’t have to fill all the fields) and click submit
  3. Wait for another email with your coupon codes.

All coupon codes must be redeemed via this link

(c) Airberlin
(c) Airberlin

You can only use one coupon per passenger.

These are the full terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for discount codes
1. Discount codes are only valid for bookings made within the promotion period and apply to flights
within the specified travel period. It is not possible to claim the discount retrospectively on a
flight that has already been booked. Discount codes may be restricted to specific destinations
as well as to the promotion period and travel period. Details regarding the promotion period and
travel period and all other terms and conditions can be viewed on the landing page for the
promotion or in the flyer published for the special offer. In addition, the promotion period and
travel period can be verified at The sale, auction, duplication or
modification of the discount code is prohibited. Discount codes cannot be redeemed for
codeshare flights or flights operated by airline partners.
2. Discount codes can be used for flight bookings made via At least one
passenger must be a full fare paying adult. On joint bookings consisting of several people, one
discount code must be entered per flight guest, i.e. the number of discount codes entered must
match the number of passengers on the booking. If a child discount is claimed this is calculated
on the basis of the discounted net adult fare after deducting the value of the discount code.
3. Only one discount code may be used per person. Each airberlin discount code may be
redeemed once only. The value of the discount code is deducted from the net fare only
(excluding taxes, charges and fuel surcharge). For return flights half of the discount value will be
considered for each flight. If the value of the discount code is greater than the net fare, the fare
is reduced to €0 and the remaining balance on the discount code is forfeited.
4. Combining a discount code with other special deals that are currently on offer (e. g. group or
special promotional offers, etc.) or the use of a discount code for bookings made through tour
operators, bookings with “Rail & Fly” option, 72-hour Best Price Guarantees and in the fare
categories Economy Light and Economy Flex is not permitted.
5. An airberlin discount code does not represent a separate credit balance. It cannot be redeemed
for cash.
6. If the flight is rebooked or cancelled or the name of the passenger is changed, the discount
code is forfeited and does not apply to the new booking. It is only possible to rebook or cancel a
flight or change the name of the passenger via or through the airberlin Service
Center upon payment of the rebooking fee applicable at the time of making the change. In
addition to these terms and conditions, the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage (GTCC)
of Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG also apply.
7. airberlin accepts no liability for the loss or theft of the discount code. To protect against misuse
we recommend that discount codes should not be disclosed to third parties, since anyone can
book using the discount code. If a discount code is disclosed to a third party there is the danger
that the original owner may also make use of it.
As of: 07/2016

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