Photo of the Week: LAX Pylons and Sign

Most of you probably been to LAX. Especially if you are a frequent flyer. I was always fascinated with the airport. This airport has some good spots to take pictures of planes. You also can sit at an In-n-Out Burger and watch the planes coming in very low over your head. Check out my Layover Guide for LAX.

This image was pretty much captured right outside of my hotel. It gets dark in fall very early. Around 5 p.m. here in Los Angeles and around 6 p.m. it’s completely dark and great time to start night photography.

However, LAX decided to not turn on the lights of thy Pylons until around 8 p.m. I kept coming back to see if the Pylons were already illuminated. The LAX-sign was illuminated right after sunset.

I had to wait and wait until I was finally able to get a photo of the sign and pylons lit up.

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