Seattle’s Centurion Studio Gets an Expansion

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Good news for all American Express Platinum and Centurion card holders. As you know, the American Express Centurion Studio at Sea-Tac is not a full lounge like the other American Express Centurion Lounges. The Studio version is missing some features like a full bar and the showers.

However, they are currently expanding their space to add exactly this missing features. This will also increase the capacity of the lounge. During some peak times, the place gets too crowded and people get denied access. During one visit, I was the last one allowed in before others left.

I can see this as a pretty big inconvenience if you are at the airport early and expect to relax at the American Express Centurion Studio.

Hopefully, you took advantage of all the benefits of the American Express Platinum Card and ordered your Priority Pass. This pass gives you access to the Alaska Airline Board Rooms at the main terminal and the North Concourse.

I got also told that they looking for a bigger space in general and would move if one becomes available. This will be probably after Sea-Tac’s extension project is finished.

Stay tuned…

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