Airplane Mode no longer required in Europe

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The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has ruled that you don’t have to put your phone in Airplane Mode anymore. If you are traveling in European airspace you can now always be connected through-out the flight. But it’s up to the airlines if they let you use your devices or not. Also each airline has to ge approved first, that the electronic devices don’t negatively affect airplane communications.

It is still a no-go in the US, but at least you can now use your electronic devices during take-off and landing thanks to last year’s FAA ruling. I just hope that this is not going to be that all the passenger are on the phone and talking. I loved that you had some time out so far on airplanes, where you couldn’t get E-Mails or work calls. Well now most of the planes in Europe and USA have WiFi on board.

I would still recommend to turn on Airplane Mode, because if you lose signal your phone will keep searching for a signal, which drains the battery very fast. It’s still a good thing to turn on the Airplane Mode.

The photo was taken at the airport in Munich (MUC).

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