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It is a good practice to take pictures of your packed luggage before you go somewhere. Especially if you travel on a airplane and even more if you have various connections to make before you get to your destination. Your bags can get lost at any transfer point, heck even at your final destination. If you have pictures of your luggage it helps the service agents easier to find your bags. Keep them on your smartphone, which helps you to present the pictures right away if they ask for a description. This method is also useful if you travel to a different country where they not speak the same language as you do.

LuggageIt’s also helpful that you have luggage tags on your bags, this helps the agents to confirm faster that this are your bags or maybe if a stranger accidentally ends up with your bags, he can contact you. Normally you can find some simple luggage tags right at the Check-In counter. You don’t need to buy this expensive once. Also if you sign up for some frequent flier programs you might get some for reaching the next tier.

Also don’t forget to always keep your luggage receipts until you hold your bags in your hand at the final destination. The number also helps airline to track down your bags and can help to see if there was an issue and they assigned the wrong bags to you in the computer. Just recently the airline lost my bags and they agent was asking for a description. The photos helped a lot. Luckily they found the bags the same day and just delivered them four hours later to my hotel. I had this issue before and that was, when I started to always take a picture of my luggage with me. But so far I always got lucky and they found my bags again, sometimes a day later, but they found them.  🙂

What are your experiences with lost or delayed bags?

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