Delta Airlines In-Flight Safety Videos

If you are a frequent flyer you get easily bored by the safety instructions of the crew and the In-Flight safety videos. Yes I know – Safety is important, but it’s always the same thing again over and over.

Delta Airlines now found a way to attract more attention – at least to the safety videos. The new videos are funny and have some hidden easter eggs, where you really have to pay attention to find all of them. I always check the video to see if I have already seen that version or not.

Every airline should do this, because people start watching it more intend to figure out all the hidden easter eggs.



Here are the latest two from Delta Airlines.


It’s amazing how some instructions could also mean something else you wouldn’t even think off. This means you don’t only have to watch it, you also have to listen to what they tell you on the video and then compare it with what you see. That really makes you focus on everything.

I like to watch that kind of videos, even that I could use my Smartphone or Tablet during take-off to watch other videos or movies. Great work Delta, keep it up and surprise us with new Videos on our flights.


What do you think about this safety videos?

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