Airport Restaurant: Kafe Kalik – Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

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The Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) is small and pretty easy to fly in and out of. Usually, I fly into Miami International Airport because there are better connections with American Airlines. However, on my last trip, I flew out of FLL as the ticket was half of what it would cost out of MIA. It was only my second time at the airport and my first departure from here.

As I had an afternoon flight, I had plenty of time after I checked out of the hotel and dropped off my rental car. I checked my Priority Pass app for any lounges and the only available place to me was Kafe Kalik in Terminal 4. My flight would depart from Terminal 3 but they are connected past security, which makes it easy. The walk from Terminal 3 to Kafe Kalik was not to bad.

Kafe Kalik

Once past security, follow the signs to Concourse G and then look for Gate G6. Kafe Kalik is an airport restaurant and opposite Gate G6. Unfortunately American Express removed airport restaurants as a Priority Pass benefit earlier this year. So if you have a Priority Pass issued by American Express, you will be out of luck. Lucky for me, that I also have a Priority Pass issued by Chase.

I walked up to the waiter and got asked if I want to sit at the bar or would like a table. After I got escorted to my table, the waiter brought me over a menu and silverware.

Kafe Kalik is a Cuban restaurant and therefore the menu is inspired by Cuban/Carribean dishes. After looking over the menu, I decided on trying the Spicy Curry Chicken Bowl. So I waited and waited and waited for a server to take my order. I looked at all the servers walking past me and they even looked back, but nobody would come and actually take my order. I waited on purpose without stopping any of them for about 15 minutes. Nobody took my order. I first had to stop a server myself to actually get my order taken. Up to this point, service was, well, not existent. I hope this was just a bad coincidence during my visit and is not the standard here. But during my visit, I was not the only one with issues, other guests had a bad experience too. But hey, at least free food.

After I ordered, the server came back right away with my drink and just a few minutes later my food also arrived.

Spicy Curry Chicken Bowl

My dish was ok. I am not a big fan of Caribbean/Cuban food. I was hoping the chicken would be without bones but it was cooked so well, that the meat came right off the bones. Overall it was a good dish and I enjoyed it. A little bit more curry sauce would have been perfect.

Spicy Curry Chicken Bowl

Priority Pass Benefit at Kafe Kalik

As a Priority Pass guest, you get a $28 credit which you can use towards your final bill. A gratuity of 18% was automatically included in the final bill and didn’t has to be added. As my total bill was with $17 USD way under $28 USD my server just brought me the check, which I didn’t even have to sign. To be honest, I wouldn’t have given an 18% gratuity for the terrible service, but the meal was for free.

Kafe Kalik also has a To-Go shop at the end of the restaurant space and offers grab&go. However these options are not covered by Priority Pass. Priority Pass only covers dine-in purchases.

  • Website

    (click here)

  • Time of Operation

    Open daily from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.

  • Location

    Fort Lauderdale International Airport – Terminal 4

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