My Wishlist to Marriott for 2020

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Dear Marriott,

we have been through a lot. Altogether I am top tier elite with you for over 10 years and spent over 1000 nights in your hotels (including former SPG properties).

It was not always easy with you, but you are pretty much wherever I have to go and therefore I spend a lot of time with you.

App Issues

There are many issues, supposedly you are aware of as I get told by your social media team and even my concierge that your team is working on it. You are working on some simple stuff for over a year now and still no fix in sight. Most of the issues are related to your Android Marriott Bonvoy App but there are also many issues with the iOS version.

  • Spent Tracker/Counter not visible. Sometimes I can see it but 99% the counter is not there. Don’t tell me I have to have at least 50 nights before it shows up. I am at over 180 nights this year with you and still don’t see it. Only on the Marriott Bonvoy Android app.
  • I requalified for Ambassador service in 2020 but your app still shows me that my Ambassador Membership will expire on 1/31/2020. My concierge has confirmed that I qualified for 2020. (iOS and Android)
  • Booking with points + Cash Upgrade: I know I can redeem points for a basic room and then pay the charge to get upgraded to a better room or suite. But why don’t you show how much I have to pay. Your team told me to call Marriott. We live in the digital age and you have an app, make it that people can use it. Why calling Marriott and sitting in line forever and then they probably can’t tell me either.
  • Show Points+Cash Rates for a room in your app. It neither shows in my Android phone or iOS Tablet. I can see these rates only on the website.
  • Let me use my apps (iOS/Android) to redeem free night certificates. Only possible on the website again.
  • It takes a long time for awards (Suite Night Award & Free Night Certificate) to show up in the app after you can already see it on the website
  • Android App won’t ever show the available Free Night Certificate, however, the iOS app shows. Both will show the Suite Night Awards

If you can’t get your apps right, sorry than better discontinue the apps and give us a mobile website that is optimized for phones and tablets. Sorry but one year after the merger you are still struggling with such simple issues…

General Issues with Marriott Bonvoy

  • my24: my24 is a nice idea, and you promote it to be one of the top benefits of an Ambassador member. However, the conditions of my24 are so complex that not even your concierge team knows. It’s pretty much impossible to book a my24 stay without investing 24 hours or more to research hotels, call Marriott, find alternative properties and call Marriott again and then get denied and start over again? If you don’t want to give it to your most loyal customers, just don’t offer it. Period!
  • Fix your no blackout dates policy: According to your policy, only legacy Marriott properties can adjust how many standard rooms they make available for award redemption. Therefore all former SPG properties should have a real no blackout date as long as they have standard rooms available. Not true! I tried to book a room from Silvester to New Year and a standard room was available but no points redemption possible at a Le Méridien.

It has been over one year since the big Marriott-Merger. The days after the merger brought a big aftermath with them which is still holding out until today. I hope Marriott gets its problems fixed this year. That’s what they actually should focus on. Last year they focused more on bringing more changes to the program, which made the whole system even more complex. An example is the peak and off-peak pricing for award stays.

Let’s see what the year 2020 has in its repertoire.

Do you guys have issues with other parts of the Marriott Bonvoy program?





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