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A surprise was waiting for me as I got back home. Sometimes I am gone a few weeks and even months before I return back home. When I checked my mail after I was gone for 4 months, I was surprised that there were only a few pieces of mail in my inbox. The most prominent one was the envelope which only had the word “Lifetime” on it’s front but was covered in the new Marriott Bonvoy colors.

Inside was a letter from David Flueck (Senior Vice President, Global Loyalty), a flyer with some generic information about Marriott Bonvoy, and of course my new Lifetime Titanium Card.

Why am I so excited about this card? 

It was actually quite an achievement to get it. Why?

  • It’s a lifetime status, meaning I don’t have to requalify for status ever again with Marriott Bonvoy
  • It’s the Titanium Lifetime status. This is a status that you could only get when Marriott and SPG merged and is not available anymore.

The highest lifetime status you can achieve now is Marriott Bonvoy Platinum.

To actually achieve lifetime Titanium status with Marriott Bonvoy I had to have combined (Marriott + SPT) 750 nights and a total of 10 years of Platinum status. Both of these criteria had to be met by December 31, 2018, when Marriott merged with SPG. After the merger, the status was called Platinum Premier.

In early 2019 Marriott rebranded its rewards program, which was now a combination of Marriott Rewards, SPG and Ritz Carlton Rewards into one program called Marriott Bonvoy. With the rebranding to Marriott Bonvoy, they also adjusted the names of the different loyalty status levels and Platinum Premier became Titanium.

The only higher status you can achieve beyond Titanium is Ambassador and this level requires a total of 100nights/year in addition to an annual spend of $20,000 USD. That’s a lot of money and you don’t get that much more out of it. The two main benefits are access to a dedicated concierge, which I barely use, and my24. My24 allows you to book a hotel room for 24 consecutive hours and bypass the check-in and out the time of the hotel. But my24 has a lot of catches.

  • You don’t know which hotels even participate in my24, and you need to have a hotel that actually does. (Not even one of the concierges could tell me without talking to the hotel first)
  • You have to reserve your my24 stay through your Marriott Concierge in advance (I believe 48 hours minimum)
  • Even if the hotel participates in my24, it can deny it because of availability of rooms

There was so far one time when I could have to make use of my24, it was back in early 2019 when the snowstorm hit Seattle and my flight got canceled. I was originally scheduled to depart at 10 p.m. but the plane first got delayed and then canceled. I got out of the airport past midnight and my next flight was at 10 p.m. as well. It would have been great to spend the whole day at the hotel until a few hours before departure. But as my reservation wasn’t booked 48 hours in advance, it got denied. Well, that day it was hard to even find a hotel.

But it seems Marriott is sending out now a gift every year to its loyal ambassador members. I received a nice laptop bag earlier this year.

To answer the previous question, why I am so excited about this card? It’s basically my “trophy” about achieving that status. Ever since I traveled, I barely had to show any of my loyalty cards. Most hotels and airlines don’t even send one out anymore, instead, you have access to a digital version in their apps.

This card, however, is special. It’s not made out of cheap plastic. It’s made out of steel. No, not titanium, go figure! Either way, it will fit nicely in my collection and is my heaviest card at the moment. It also makes a fantastic sound when you drop it on the table or counter. 😎

On the front, it shows the Marriott Bonvoy logo and Lifetime Titanium Elite. The backside shows my name and membership number followed by a couple of national and international Marriott Bonvoy hotlines.

Do you have lifetime status with a hotel, no matter if Marriott or not?

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  • I came across this page because I wanted to know what kind of metal my card is actually made of. It’s not steel, as proven by a magnet. It weighs one ounce, at least as measured on a kitchen scale. It is indeed “heavy” as well as essentially useless other than as a trophy or a straightedge. But it’s not steel, nor, of course, is it titanium.


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