Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Gift 2019

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Marriott is currently in the process of sending out membership cards and gifts to their Ambassador (top tier) members. To become an Ambassador you need 100 nights a year and $20,000 in spending per year. That’s quite a number to reach.

Thanks to the combination of SPG, Marriott and Ritz Carlton Rewards last year, I was able to reach Ambassador Status. Also because of the combination of the rewards programs, I was able to reach Lifetime Titanium Elite, which was only possible during this year. Marriott won’t offer Lifetime Titanium Elite anymore. As of now, the highest lifetime status you can reach is Lifetime Platinum.

Even though Titanium is not the highest tier within the new Marriott Bonvoy program, it’s probably the best. Ambassador Elites have a spend requirement of $20,000 per year. What do you get more, well the only benefit worth mentioning is the my24. With my24 you can book a hotel and your check-out time will be 24 hours later whenever you checked in.

However, this benefit is so misleading and hard to use, that it is not even worth mentioning it. It doesn’t work, for reservations, you make the same day. You have to contact your ambassador and they will check if the hotel offers my24 in general and if so, they have to check if it can be applied to your reservation.

This would be a great benefit, if you are grounded in a city because of weather, technical issues with the plane and your next flight is not until 24 hours later. I tried to use it during the Seattle Snowpocalypse this year but got denied, because I need an advanced reservation. So I stayed at a Kimpton hotel instead as most other Marriotts were sold out or too expensive.

There are a few other benefits, like having an ambassador which can help you with travel arrangements. To be honest, I have a hard time to reach my dedicated ambassador when I need him. Yes, they will transfer you to another ambassador to help you out, but what’s the point then in having a dedicated person. Second, it’s just easier to use the app and book a reservation, before I pick up the phone, listen to announcements from Marriott and then give all the details over the phone. Also, you have no real comparison between hotel prices, so you have to look it up beforehand anyway and then call the ambassador and by that time I already have made the reservation in the app. Is there a difference if you make the reservation through an ambassador? I don’t know as I was never able to do that and it was just easier to use the app, but I certainly will try in the future.

Anyway, it’s still nice being greeted as an “Ambassador” elite member. I was very surprised when I came back to the office after a two-week business trip and had a big box in my mailbox with the Marriott Bonvoy logo.

The box included my new membership card for my current Ambassador status. I was very surprised as it seems, no hotel chain is sending out any physical card anymore. I replaced my old Marriott card with the new one and saw that basically, all my other membership cards like Hyatt, IHG, Best Western,… are outdated. Interesting.

ambassador giftBesides the new membership card you also receive a laptop case and two pens. Is Marriott spying on me or how did they notice I needed a new laptop case. My old laptop case is very aged and is already falling apart and I was already looking to buy a replacement but thanks to Marriott I don’t have to look anymore. But don’t worry guys, Marriott is not secretly spying on you to figure out what you need. All Ambassadors received the same gift no matter if you needed a laptop case or not. The case has a removable zipper-pouch and came with 2 fancy pens. One in black and the other one in white.

ambassador giftSeems Marriott is continuing the SPG-tradition of awarding their most loyal members with a little present. A little gesture like this can go a long way. I certainly feel appreciated, even though it cost me $20,000.

In 2017 I received a gift from SPG. This was the first gift I ever received back then.

The Coolest Gift I Ever Got from a Hotel Chain

I really appreciate the great gesture Marriott is doing here. A new laptop case was dearly needed and it helped me actually take that issue out of my hands. Let’s see if I can put the Ambassador status to some good use this year, as it will be another long and exciting year full of travel.

Did you guys received a gift as well and what is your opinion?

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