Two Not So Obvious Ways to Transfer Points to Lufthansa Miles&More Miles

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Lufthansa offers one of the best international first and business class products, especially for an European airline. However, it needs a lot of miles to book those flights with points rather than paying for them in full.

Lufthansa itself doesn’t give you an opportunity to buy miles if you are a few short for your next dream trip. You can sign up for the co-branded miles&more credit card, which will help you to acquire additional miles for your next award flight.

However there is a way to buy miles&more miles but you won’t buy it directly through Lufthansa, you will have to buy hotel points and then transfer it to miles and more.

Two hotel rewards programs, which allow points to mile conversation to Lufthansa are

  • Best Western
  • Wyndham Rewards

Best Western Rewards Points to miles&more miles

Update: It seems Lufthansa has shut down all points to miles transfers this summer over some German legal issues. However, the trick with Wyndham Rewards and transferring them to Payback still works.

The easiest way to convert points to Lufthansa’s frequent flier program is through Best Western. You can transfer your points straight to your Lufthansa account at a rate of 5:1. You will need a minimum of 5000 Best Western rewards points before you can make the transfer.

Best Western Redemption
Transfer Best Western Points to Lufthansa Miles&More

Using Wyndham Rewards Points for miles&more miles

To convert your Wyndham Rewards points to miles with miles&more, you need to take a small detour because you can’t directly transfer them.

First, you have to sign up for a account. Unfortunately, the site is in German and if you don’t speak German, you might want to use Google Translate to translate the site for you.

Now you need to transfer your Wyndham Rewards Points at a ratio of 6:1 to Payback points. These payback points can be transferred to Lufthansa’s miles&more program 1:1. To transfer from Payback to miles&more you need at least 200 Payback points, which isn’t a big deal because the minimum transaction from Wyndham to Payback is 1000 Payback points (6000 Wyndham Rewards Points).

Wyndham Rewards Redemption
Transfer Wyndham Rewards Points to Payback

Once you have your points in your Payback account, you can transfer them here to Lufthansa Miles&More. All you need to do is log in to your Payback account and select the option to transfer them to Miles&More. Enter your Miles&More number and the number of points you want to transfer. Finished.

Payback Redemption to Lufthansa Miles&More
Transfer Payback Points to Lufthansa Miles&More

As Wyndham moved away from their one price award chart, I will transfer probably all my points out. The problem with Wyndham is also, that all points expire 4 years after you earned them, regardless of how much activity you had.

I know the way through Wyndham is a little more complicated but it might be a good way to get the necessary miles for a Lufthansa award.

Wyndham just announced that you can now earn points while ordering through DoorDash in the United States.

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Earn Wyndham Rewards Points with DoorDash Orders
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  • Thanks for this post. Do you know if there is a “cool-off” period between creating a Payback account and transfers to Payback from Wyndham Rewards being successful? I’m currently stuck in an error message at Wyndham Rewards “The Partner Member Number provided is not valid. Please try again.”

    • Hi there, i am not sure about this. I had both of my accounts for a long time before i found out about this. In which country is your payback account?


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