Earn Wyndham Rewards Points with DoorDash Orders

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Wyndham Rewards teamed up with DoorDash to give you an additional way to earn rewards points. What is DoorDash? DoorDash lets you order food for delivery even when the restaurant doesn’t offer any delivery service. It is similar to Uber Eats.

If you order delivery through DoorDash you will earn 250 Wyndham Rewards Points. New DoorDash customers will receive an additional 2000 points for their first order. It’s worth to open a new account just to get the extra bonus points.

You don’t need to stay at any Wyndham property to get your 250 points. The points will be credited to your account for every delivery order but only in the United States.

This is a pretty nice way to earn up some additional rewards points. Wyndham is a pretty decent rewards program, but they have one huge downside, your points expire 48 months after earning, regardless if you had an activity or not. So you only have 4 years to get enough points for a free night.

Wyndham used to have a great redemption rate of 15.000 points per night, regardless of property. That changed a while back and they have now more redemption levels. To reach 15.000 points you have to order 60 times with DoorDash. Luckily there are other ways to earn points with Wyndham, like through an airline or their shopping portal.


One of them is earning points by filling up your car at Marathon gas stations. This is a great way to earn Wyndham points if you are located in the eastern part of the United States. This is the only location where you can find these gas stations. However, I rather earn United MileagePlus miles by filling up with BP than Wyndham rewards points.


Additional Bonus while Ordering through DoorDash during your Wyndham Stay


Enjoy a $0 delivery fee for DoorDash orders delivered to a participating Wyndham Hotels & Resorts hotel when you use promo code WRD. Service Fees and other terms and conditions apply, visit doordash.com/Wyndham.

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