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Have you ever heard of Google Local Guides? It’s Google’s program name for participants who help to improve Google Maps. This could be done by sharing reviews of places, adding photos and videos, checking facts of a location and much more. The program comes with a gamification feature, where you can earn badges and levels and put yourself higher on the list. This is gamification should encourage you to keep sharing.

Loyal Google Local Guides also get benefits every now and then. I received free Google One storage for a year or free movie tickets. Benefits vary from time to time. For me, it’s the gamification feature which keeps me going and also that I am a huge fan of Google Maps. I think it is the ultimate tool for navigating, exploring places and sharing your experiences.

Because of my love for photography, I also share my pictures on Google Maps, which have so far accumulated about 88 Million views. This is pretty amazing. At least for me, it is, as a no-name photographer.

Google updated Google Maps on Android and iOS to show your photos of a specific place. Before you had to scroll through the long photo contribution list to find your photos again. Some places have thousands of photos and it was hard to find your photos as I have no idea in what way they were ordered by. It isn’t uploaded date or views. It looks more like random to me. Anyway, there is now a tab inside the photo tab which is called “By you”. This shows all the photos you uploaded to a specific place.

Select the “By you” tab to see your photos

Besides the “By you”-tab there are different tabs to find easier what you looking for like 360° view, videos, by owner and latest photos, which is always helpful to see how the place looks when the last person uploaded photos.

Browser Version

The “By you”-tab can also be found in the browser version of Google Maps. Just find the desired place and scroll down to the photos. Click on it, to show all photos of that place and at the very top, you will have a selection bar. If you don’t see the “By you” right away, you might have to scroll through the selection bar at the top. You can do that by clicking on the bar and dragging it to the left or right with your mouse or if you have a touchscreen with your finger.

Find the “By you” – tab in the top selection bar.

For me, this is a very helpful and great feature. Helps me to track my photos of specific places and easy to find them if you want to show some later.

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