Alaska Airlines Inflight Entertainment Changes 2017: Free Texting and Movies

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Alaska Airlines announced a couple new In-Flight features for the year 2017. Besides new food and beverage options, a new premium class you can now text for free using GoGo in-flight and stream for free all the movies the in-flight entertainment system offers.

Free Texting

In cooperation with GoGo, Alaska Airlines allows you now free texting during the flight. It only works where GoGo inflight service is available. GoGo coverage is not available on flights from and to Hawaii, Mexico or Latin America.

To use the free texting option during your flight you have to connect to the in-flight WiFi network, open your browser and choose “Free Chat” option. However, only a few apps will work. As of right now, it’s Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. You can send text messages and emojis but video, voice and picture messages are blocked. Make sure you have installed one of these apps before take-off. No GoGo purchase is required to use the free chat option.

Free Texting is rolling out right now in beta with full functionality deploying January 24, 2017. This offer is valid until 12/31/2017.

Free Movies

You can stream now all the movies and TV shows for free to your device. No need anymore to purchase movies or episodes or just watch some of the free content Alaska Airlines offered before.

It’s great to see Alaska Airlines follow American Airlines and Delta Air in making the entertainment selection complementary. However, free in-flight entertainment is a limited time option as of right now and will work until March 31, 2017.


(c) T-Mobile

The free texting option is similar to what T-Mobile offers their customers on every flight equipped with GoGo internet service.

T-Mobile’s service is even better. They don’t only give you free texting for your flight, you also get free internet access for one hour. T-Mobile also allows more messenger apps (iMessage, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Viber) and allows you to send picture messages. Besides that you can also access T-Mobile Visual Voicemail.

[Header Photo by Alaska Airlines]

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