Geocaching: WiFo Buchenberg. Lost Places in a Forest near Ingolstadt

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This couple of caches will bring you to a handful of bunkers and ruins in a forest near “Neuburg an der Donau” in Bavaria, Germany. It’s amazing that I first discovered these places through Geocaching even tho I grew up maybe 20 minutes away.

These bunkers belonged to the Wirtschaftliche Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (WiFo) (German Wikipedia Entry). WiFo was in charge of research, construction of solid fuels, and their storage depots.

The WiFo (Geocaching) Tour consists of 4 geocaches and a Bonus-Cache you only can find if you solved the four main caches.

A friend and I started off for this round middle in the night. This made the adventure even more fun and challenging. Some of the structures were hard to find in the dark, even tho during the day you could see them from the path close by. It was a spontaneous trip to this location and we were able to recover the first two caches and their “Bonuszahl” to solve the bonus cache.

The first cache brought as to steps in the woods. They were kinda hard to find even tho they are huge and easily seen from the path nearby during daylight. The cache was easy to find and we headed to the next one on our list for tonight.

Only the basement (bunker) of the building is still there and easy to access. We had a look through all the rooms and one room had a great graffiti on the wall reading in English “Take your trash back out”. Usually, kids come to places like this, play, and leave trash behind. I was surprised by how clean the actual building was. There was still trash, but compared to another Underground Cache I did a couple of years back, I would consider this one as “clean”. After spending some time here, we were able to answer the questions and find the cache location.

We finished our tour for today. The next day I came back with another friend to finish this tour. We started at the “Secret Laboratory“. We already had issues answering the first question because it snowed during the night. The next station brought us to a huge building and lost place. It looks like a temple in the jungle. Trees started already growing out of the first floor but we explored the basement. There was a courtyard in the middle of the building and a big tree grew out of it. This shows that this place has been given up for a long time already. It took us a lot of time to find hidden information about the next stage. Our UV-light was very weak and small and I didn’t look close enough. After the discovery of the final coordinates, we went off to search the cache box. Here we were luckier by actually finding the box itself before we found the UV marking showing the cache location.

Now only one cache was remaining before we could solve the coordinates for the bonus location. It was an easy traditional cache but again the snowfall increased the difficulty quite a bit. Finally located the box and went back to the car to solve the equation. During our walk back two Eurofighter jets flew close over our heads and gave the whole tour more authenticity.

We drove over close to the calculated coordinates of the bonus cache. We decided to park at the end of the town and continue on foot to the cache. This area was the settlement with the living quarters for the people working at the WiFo station in the forest. The swimming pool was built in cooperation with the small town Oberhausen which we passed on our way. I had to snap a picture. The final was also located fairly quick and snow was no issue here.

This was a great trip showing us what can hide right around the corner and you don’t even know it. That is why I love Geocaching so much. It can show you places you didn’t know that they exist.

The owner of these caches, Team Kraus, gave me the authorization to write about their caches here and I tried to avoid spoiling as much as possible.


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