My Coolest Underground Cache So Far

Yesterday I discovered this cool underground cache, it’s called “B12 Underground” (GC219YM) and it’s located near Mühldorf am Inn in Germany. Now you would think it is just a straight tunnel. No! Absolutely not, it is a small tunnel system and the cache is very well hidden. But don’t worry, you can’t get lost in there. The system was probably connected to the nearby abbey centuries ago. The only special gear you need is a flashlight.

The sad part about this cache is, that other people use this system as a hiding spot for their garbage. I really enjoyed discovering this tunnels. Read the full post to see some pictures, but don’t worry, I didn’t post any spoilers.

Also, if you can’t get enough, there is a little chapel nearby with another cache.

You can park your car in the parking lot of the abbey. But please don’t attract too much attention.


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