Panama Auto Show 2012

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I had to go on a business trip to Panama and the convention center is right in front of my apartment building. I was wondering, why it is every day packed like crazy. After a short research on the internet I found out that I am just arrived for the last week of the Panama Auto Show 2012

The convention center is pretty small and compare to other auto shows like the IAA in Germany or the Sout Florida International Auto Show it is not even worth mentioning 😉 But it is probably a big deal for Panama and it is interesting how cars attract people all over the world, even in the not so rich countries…

I enjoyed my day there. The three big german auto makers (Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz) were also showing off some of their products. Not even close to the full range of vehicles the offer, just a couple.

Even weirder for me was, that the people like every where in the world love german cars and even weirder was that the love luxury cars and especially limousines.

In a country and city were the streets and roads are the worst I have seen so far. I know there are worse places, but there they drive a 4×4 Pick-Up or something like this.

If you drive a car like this, you have to be very carefully that you don’t hit any pot hole or get hit by another car. You have to have a licence to drive a car in Panama but for most of the time it looks like you get the licence just for money and you don’t have to know anything about driving rules. People cut you off here, drive very slow on the “corredor” (highway) and even drive right next to each other without passing, so it is like a rolling road block.

Some manufacturers offer “green” cars, which are very environmental friendly, but in a country like Panama, nobody goes by that, everybody just goes by the price. That’s why Chevy was not even showing their award-winning Volt.

Also Dodge was showing their Challenger 🙂 a beautiful american muscle car 🙂

But the Panama Auto Show had one good thing, they have a lot of beautiful latin american women 🙂

Enjoy the photos 🙂

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