Alaska Airlines Unveils Major Brand Updates in 25 Years

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One of my favorite airlines just announced their first major brand update in a quarter century – Alaska Airlines. The new design looks fresher and more modern.  It’s a bit more colorful than the old design, but the colors reminds me a bit about the Seattle Seahawks (Football) or Sounders (Soccer) color scheme of the Seattle-based airline. The colors are not exactly the same, but close. Maybe this is because both teams have a long history with the airline.

Alaska Airlines Wordmark History
Alaska Airlines Wordmark History

The colors should reflect where Alaska Airline and its Mileage Plan partners fly. “Tropical green” for Costa Rica and Hawaii and blues like “breeze, midnight, atlas and calm” for Alaska and other places.

Besides the color scheme and painting of the aircrafts, Alaska Airlines also updated the design of its name (wordmark). The new look of the wordmark is more modern and goes well with the new design. It simply looks like a simple font change, but for Woerner’s team every stroke conveys something critical about the airline. The new design features can be watched online at

SangitaWoerner, Vice President of Marketing, explains in this video the new design change:

Besides the wordmark, the Eskimo face on the tail got an update as well. This update needed to be done to overcome challenges in the digital age. The face, which is on the airlines tail since 1972, was way to detailed to render it well online or on mobile devices. Here is the story about the Eskimo on the tail.

ALaska Airlines Boeing 737
Alaska Airlines Boeing 737

Here is a video about trying to unveil who is the Eskimo on the tail of this airplanes.

Passengers will see the design change roll out throughout the coming month. Travellers flying out of Seattle will already see new signage at the check-in counters and gates of Alaska Airlines. All the marketing materials, FA scarf, Alaska Beyond magazine, credit cards and the mobile apps already got the update and you will see them probably already on your next flight.

The new design change throughout the airline
The new design change throughout the airline


What are your thoughts on the design change? Do you like it or hate it?

All photos by Alaska Airlines

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