The Bay Lights Installation on the San Francisco Bay Bridge is back

After being taken down in March 2015 the Baylights will be back this Saturday 29, 2016 at 7:25 p.m. The installation of 25.000 LED’s for the 75th anniversary of the Bay Bridge, hat do be taken down for cable maintenance. This weekend they will be lit up again and now for good. It will be a permanent installation on the Bay Bridge.
San Francisco Bay Bridge Night

This is the world’s largest LED sculpture with a height of 500 feet and a width of 1.8 miles. It was only intended to be a temporary installation when it got installed on March 5, 2013, but the overwhelming positive reception of the public inspired a new movement.

The non-profit organisation Illuminate the Arts has successfully saved the lights in colaboration with the State of California.

San Francisco Bay Bridge



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