Alaska Airlines and Virgin America Merger Benefits You Might Not Know

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As most of you already know Alaska Airlines bought Virgin America and is in the process of merging the airline into Alaska Airlines. The merger is going forward step by step and more and more benefits will be available for customers of either airline. For example, Alaska Airlines started status matching Virgin America Elevate members.

One downside of this merger is that the partnership with American Airlines is breaking apart. Not completely as of yet but that’s how it started with Delta Airlines as well.

Alaska Airlines and Virgin America both moved to Terminal 6 now at LAX, which makes transferring between the airlines a breeze. Unfortunately, the Virgin America Loft in Terminal 3 is now closed and won’t re-open.

  • However, Virgin America First Class passengers and Elevate Gold members get complimentary access to all Alaska Airline Lounges for the rest of the year 2017. Priority Pass members are welcome as well.
  • Elevate Silver members will get a reduces rate for the Alaska Airlines lounge at LAX
  • Virgin America First Class passengers get also complimentary access to all other Alaska Airlines Lounges (Seattle, Portland, and Anchorage) for the rest of the year 2017.

The opposite of what’s going on at LAX happens at SFO. Alaska Airlines used to fly out of the International Terminal at the San Francisco International Airport only. Now instead of combining both airlines at one terminal, they are flying out of two terminals now.

  • Confirm your Gate

    Alaska Airlines flights directly to Seattle depart from Terminal 2, while all other Alaska Flights depart from the International Terminal.

  • Virgin America flights depart from Terminal 2; International arrivals from Mexico are at the International Terminal A and G

This is not a new benefit but one you might want to know about. If you are an Alaska Lounge member ($450/year for members without status) you can use the Cathay Pacific Lounge at SFO when you are flying on an Alaska Airlines flight. This will only work if you are a real lounge member of Alaska Airline. Priority Pass users can use the Air France lounge at the International Terminal but are out of luck at Terminal 2.

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