Explore Amsterdam with KLM’s smart Care Tag

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The Dutch airline KLM developed a new gadget for travelers visiting Amsterdam. The KLM Care Tag provides visitors with helpful and location-based information about the city. The smart luggage tag is filled with hundreds of practical tips about the city of Amsterdam provided by KLM crew. This expands the reach of KLM to their customers beyond the airport and airplane experience.

These are not the typical tourist tips, but insightful tips from busy intersections with cyclists, local street art, where to taste local food for free and much more. It’s a helpful companion no matter if you walk or cycle through the city.

KLM wants to be the most customer-centric European airline and they are setting standards. Like in the past with their Smartwatch app, or payment through Facebook and Twitter. Their social media help team is outstanding as well and if you have questions contact them via Twitter or Facebook Messenger.

The availability is limited. Travelers who are visiting Amsterdam in September can order the Smart Care Tag for free online. The first batch is only available in English but batches later on the year will also be available in Chinese, Portuguese, German and Russian.

Below you can see the breakdown of the parts. It’s a pretty simple device. I am just surprised they don’t offer a headphone jack and only have a speaker. It could be weird if you are standing in a crowd and all of a sudden your luggage tag starts talking and everyone can hear you or you might visit a church and it starts talking while you had it on max volume before from the use outside.

KLM Smart Tag (courtesy of KLM)

Best of all is that you can keep your KLM Smart Tag and use it over and over again. Maybe they will implement an update option to get the newest and latest tips before you visit Amsterdam again.

I think it’s a great idea, especially because they are tips from “locals” (the KLM crew). I like what KLM does and how it looks to improve itself. This is a free service for everyone traveling on KLM to Amsterdam. Well basically your airline ticket pays for this service but which other airline offers such services. I flew KLM a few times in the past on international routes and I have been always impressed with their service.

[Source: KLM Press Release]

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