KLM with new cutting edge Android Smartwatch App

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KLM is at the frontier of implementing new technologies into their operation. A little bit over a year ago they introduced payment via Twitter and Facebook or Airport Navigation at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport via iBeacon technology and now they are rolling out a new cutting edge Android Smartwatch app with amazing features.

The KLM Smartwatch app allows passengers to find relevant and up-to-date flight information at a glance. In the future, we will further link technologies to offer innovative services ensuring that passengers are always a step ahead on their journey.

Tjalling Smit, Senior Vice President of E-Commerce at Air France-KLM

Owners of a Smartwatch who install the KLM app on their Android device will be able to check their itinerary at any time after making a booking. 24 hours ahead of their departure they will start to get trip-related information directly on to their Smartwatch.

KLM Smartwatch Flightinfo

KLM Smartwatch Notification

Once entering the “geofence” of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport they will get automatically a notification with their gate information and boarding time.

KLM Smartwatch Gate

Opening the notification lets the passenger swipe between all relevant flight information.

One hour before departure the passenger receives a notification with a boarding pass ready to be scanned and the seat number.

KLM Smartwatch Boardingpass


Unfortunately I don’t fly KLM enough to try it out, but this is a really great feature. This features will also become available for the Apple Watch.

Photos by KLM

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