KLM is now on Facebook Messenger

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KLM just announced its newest social media approach. They have now a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. The service is rolling out today and will be more widely available in the coming days and weeks.

All you have to do is book your flight on klm.com and opt-in to receive info via (Facebook) Messenger. Once you accepted you will receive your itinerary, boarding pass, check-in confirmation, and even delay notifications via Messenger. Everything will be in one central place and KLM will be the first global airline offering these services on Messenger.

Since last year you can contact a customer service rep directly via messenger or the messenger button on the Facebook Page of KLM.

KLM is very innovative if it comes to adapting to new technologies. In 2014 they started to accept payments for flights via Twitter and Facebook, brought you a cutting-edge Android Smartwatch App, and much more…

I like the idea behind it, but what about a more universal approach. I liked the idea of Apple’s Passbook, especially because you are also able to use it on Android. However, most companies made it so hard to retrieve it for Android, that it is not practical and user-friendly anymore. I would like more an approach like TripIt, where you have all your trip details in one central place. When you travel, you will have a lot of “paperwork”, like hotel, flight, rental car and so on.

KLM using Facebook Messenger is a start, but what about people not using Facebook at all. Yes, there are still people without Facebook and I don’t blame them.

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