Uber Safe – Get a free ride home with Uber if you are to drunk to drive

Uber wants to help you get home safe and stop drunk driving. They are currently testing the Uber Safe Kiosk in Toronto, Canada. The kiosk comes with a breathalyzer and if your blood alcohol level is to high, the machine lets you call a Uber driver and you get a free ride home. This is a really neat service of Uber and I hope this will expand more widely.

If you are new to Uber and a Canadian citizen you can sign up for a Uber account with the code “UberSafe2015” and get a free ride for up to $25. The offer is valid until 12/30/2015.

I really should think about starting drinking and get a free ride to work. Reason #5743 to get drunk in the morning 😉

Photo by Uber

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