American Airlines Business Extra Points Won’t Expire in 2021

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First of all, what is Business Extra? Business Extra is the business rewards program of American Airlines. Companies, no matter the size, can sign up for the program and earn points when their employees fly on American Airlines and select partners. 

Instead of miles, companies will earn points which then can be used for upgrades, flights, an Admirals Club Membership or even give Gold Status to someone. 

Points earned with Business Extra will expire after 2 years. They always expire on December 31st of the second year.

Besides the horrible news today, that American Airlines forced AwardWallet to track user’s accounts on their website, there is some positive news.

Your Business Extra points which were set to expire at the end of this year, will be extended another year. This year’s announcement comes in rather late. We only have a few days left in 2021. Last year the extension was announced in September rather than waiting until the end of the year. I already looked into using my expiring points for something but didn’t find any good option besides converting them to miles. Luckily I held off and with this good news, I can wait and use them for something more useful.

This extension comes as the Coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing and business travel is nowhere where we used to have it. Even tho people returned to travel and to the skies, most of them are now leisure travelers.

This change will reflect on your account on January 1, 2022. So don’t panic yet if your Business Extra account still shows points expiring by the end of the year. 

Either way, it is no bad idea, to take a screenshot of your points balance and how many points would expire at the end of this year. Just in case there is a glitch with the extension. You never know, computers run the world and sometimes they run differently. 

This is a generous move by American Airlines. Thank you.

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