Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Dive Knife – Pre-Dive Review

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I am a big fan of Atomic Aquatics. They make just some awesome dive gear. Even tho this year I wasn’t able yet to get back into the water, I kept expanding my dive gear. 

A dive knife is a very important part of a dive setup. You might not even think about it, but it can save your life if you are caught in something or have to cut yourself loose or part of your gear to get out of a bad spot. Well, let’s hope you never have to use it, but it’s always good to have one. 

There are many different dive knives out there from a lot of different manufacturers. Pretty much every major dive gear manufacturer makes also dive knives every one from Aqua Lung to Zeagle.


Dive knives are usually made out of stainless steel or titanium. Some are even made out of ceramic. The Atomic Aquatics Ti6 is a full tang dive knife made out of titanium. Usually, steel knives are sharper than Titanium knives but they are also more prone to corrosion. The Ti6 edge comes from the factory very sharp and will keep its cutting edge for a long time.

Titanium is lighter and stronger than steel but also rarer and therefore more expensive. Titanium is also rust and corrosion-resistant, to a certain point. Even salt water and chlorine, as found in pools,  can hardly mess with Titanium. However, if you use it in these conditions you should clean them afterward with (warm) water and some mild soap, like dish soap. Dry it afterward with a soft cloth so the titanium can keep its shine. If your titanium dive knife ever gets scratched or tarnished, a special metal polisher works best with its oxidation remover properties.

Pointed or blunt tip?

Most dive knives are available either with a blunt tip or pointed tip. Which one to choose is a personal preference. Pointed knives have a higher chance that you can injure yourself or puncture your dive gear, for example, your wet/dry suit or worst case your BCD. Blunt tips will prevent you from accidentally “stabbing” your gear but might be better fighting off an animal attacking you, which should be an almost 0% chance.

Blunt Tip Dive Knife

The Ti6 knife is also available as both pointed tip or blunt tip and I decided to go with the blunt tip. Everything else is the same from the sheath to the blade.

Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Dive Knife

The Atomic Aquatics Ti6 is a full tang knife, meaning it is made out of one solid piece of titanium. It has a 4-inch long blade with a curved cutting edge and a large line-cutting notch. The back of the blade has a serrated edge. Both blades are very sharp. A molded handle with finger grooves ensures a secure grip while in use. At the end of the handle is a lanyard hole to help cold water divers with thick mittens to secure the knife within reach. The end cap is also made out of Titanium and can be removed to clean the knife. You can also use the titanium end cap to tap against your tank to attract the attention of your buddy or other divers in your group.

Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Dive Knife

The knife comes with a lightweight locking sheath which is made out of hard plastic. A simple push-button release lets you remove the knife quickly and easily without any big hassle. The bottom of the sheath is open to let the water drain out.

In the package you also find two rubber straps to secure the knife on your leg. Each of the straps has different lengths. so make sure you mount the right one at the right spot of the sheath. Depending on your legs, the straps won’t be long enough to mount the knife on your thigh and you have to mount it on your calf. The straps are very durable and are easy and quick to adjust and release.

Atomic Aquatics Ti6

However, when I first tried to get the straps mounted I had some issues figuring out their buckle system. It’s actually super simple. It’s even simpler when you follow the instructions on the back of the box in which the knife comes in. 😉 I never looked there, I was hoping for a small piece of paper inside the box. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way how to set up the straps.


As always, quality has its price and either of the versions of the Atomic Aquatics Ti6 will set you back about $130. There are cheaper alternatives out there but a knife is part of your safety gear for a dive. You shouldn’t cut your budget short on that. The knife is available at most dive shops and online retailers. 


The Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Titanium dive knife is probably one of the best dive knives out there. The blunt version of the knife already paid off before I went in the water with it. It is the perfect tool to open the battery compartment caps of my dive computer, the Shearwater Perdix AI. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able yet to use it on a dive put I put it on and wore it for a while. I can’t wait to take it with me on my next dive. I will update this post once I did. 

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