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Ever been on a trip and forgot some of the most important items you needed for your trip? It happens to all of us. You are more likely to forget something if you pack in a rush, which can happen. Let’s be honest, nobody likes to spend hours packing bags and see what to bring and because you think so much, you already forgot what you packed. 

Make packing easier and streamline the process. Use Pack The Bag Pro

Pack The Bag Pro

This app is available for all Apple devices. This includes iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch and works natively on all of them. This app has a lot of great features making packing your bag easier.

Once installed, the app has a huge list of items that you might want to pack and they are all categorized. That way you can find easier what you search for. All of these items can be edited and you can also add specific information about your items to the existing ones. For example, you can add the weight of your belongings to it as well as in which bag it goes.

But it doesn’t end there. You can create your own categories and items just as you need them. Besides items to pack, you can also create a checklist that you can use on trips. Stuff you need to do in preparation for trips, like emptying the fridge, locking the doors, having someone look after your pets, and so on.

Once ready to plan a trip, you can create a new pack list for your trip and add all the things you would like to pack, way ahead of your trip. This way you can start planning way ahead of time to make sure you have everything. Use the app while you on public transport to create and your pack list for your upcoming summer vacation. Besides helping you pack your bags with all the stuff you need, it also lets you daydream about your upcoming trip.

Once it’s actually time for your trip, you can start packing and check off the items on your list. You can even check off multiples of the same item. 

You can sync your inventory and packing list with iCloud and all your devices stay updated. Alternatively, you can also use Dropbox to backup your lists and inventory or share your lists with friends or family. Then you can plan together.

And if you really forgot something during your trip, just add it to your pack list and use this as a reminder for your next trip. 


Pack The Bag Pro is currently available for free in the Apple App Store. Get it before the time runs out. 

‎Pack The Bag Pro
‎Pack The Bag Pro
Developer: Andreas Krawczyk
Price: $2.99


I played with the app a little bit and created some lists and items. Overall the app makes a very good impression and is straightforward. When first opening the app, a small tutorial pops up to get a better idea of how to use the app. I would highly recommend going through the steps real quick. It only takes a short amount of time but it will pay off in the long term.

For me, it is not the perfect solution as my main to-go device is an Android device and this app is only available for Apple products. Even tho it is very useful and easy. However, there is no web interface where you would be able to plan on your PC as well.

The app is free at the moment in Apple’s App Store and therefore it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. 


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