BMW Launches New Car Sharing Service “ReachNow” in Seattle

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BMW Group announced on Friday, that they will launch their new free-floating premium car sharing service ReachNow in Seattle.

ReachNow successfully completed the pilot program and is now ready to make Seattle even greener. Seattle was recently ranked the third most electric vehicle-friendly city in the U.S. by ChargePoint, the largest electric vehicle charging network. Seattle is also the headquarter of  ReachNow. After registering for this service, which only takes about 2 minutes to sign-up and get approved, you can select between an BMW i3, BMW 3 Series or a MINI Cooper. This cars will be located on the Seattle streets for immediate use.

To register for this service you have to download the app, which is available for Android and iOS.

google_play_store apple_app_store

The cars are right now only available within the Seattle city limits. You can drive them everywhere, but only park in the city. The expansion to the Seattle-Tacoma is planned for the next quarter. With ReachNow, BMW builds on the very succesful car sharing service DriveNow in Europe.

DriveNow is a joint venture between BMW and the car rental company SIXT. They already started DriveNow and ChargeNow in the US, to be exact in San Francisco, but closed it after 4 years in late 2015. I hope they have learned from what happened with DriveNow in the U.S. and improve the ReachNow service. BMW plans to extend the service to three additional cities in 2016. Expansion plans are to expand to 10 different cities in the U.S.

ReachNow BMW 3 Series
ReachNow BMW 3 Series
ReachNow App
ReachNow App
ReachNow i3
ReachNow i3
ReachNow i3
ReachNow i3

Besides that, ReachNow will offer enhanced mobility services like…

  • Delivery service for car sharing vehicles.
    For members seeking an extra level of convenience, they can request a specific vehicle to be delivered to their desired time and location. This not only increases ease of use, but will ensure that a specific vehicle is available.
  • Vehicles on-hand at the airport.
    Within the second quarter of 2016, ReachNow vehicles will be available at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
  • Car sharing for longer rentals.
    Merging the concept of conventional car rental services with car sharing, members will instantly and easily be able to extend the length of time with their vehicle through the ReachNow app.
  • Car sharing for residential and corporate groups.
    ReachNow will offer an unparalleled level of convenience for companies and groups as well with the option for advance, exclusive onsite access to a full fleet of premium vehicles for employees or at residential complexes that can remain onsite.
  • Renting your own vehicle via ReachNow.
    ReachNow will offer a convenient booking platform that enables car owners to rent out their personal MINI vehicles to ReachNow when they don’t need access to it, thus helping to offset the cost of car ownership.
  • Chauffeur service – book a car with a driver.
    ReachNow will offer an option to book a car with a chauffeur for those not wishing to get behind the steering wheel.

ReachNow Rates

  • $0.49 for every minute the car is moving
  • $0.30 for every minute the car is parked
  • $39 One-Time registration fee

ReachNow is offering cheaper rates during the introduction period and a completely free sing up.

  • $0.41 for every minute the car is used

All prices are inclusive of insurance, fuel, and parking at public meters on the street within the designated areas (Home Area) plus taxes and fees. ReachNow automatically caps pricing at three different tiers: $50 for up to 3 hours, $80 for up to 12 hours, and $110 for up to 24 hours.

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