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DJI just sent out a Newsletter with information about their latest app upgrade. The DJI Store App will now have even more useful features for pilots. Besides access to the DJI Online Store and checking for the closest store nearby, you can now also find other pilots and flying events in your vicinity. This feature is available for the USA, UK, Germany, Spain and Australia as of right now.


Interact with other pilots on the DJI Forum and find out about the latest gear from DJI.

The app is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded on the DJI website. Looks like the DJI + Discover app in the Google Play Store is still the old version. Download it from the link above, on DJI’s website. It will be a file, which you have to copy to your phone and install it from there.

Especially finding events and pilots is great stuff. This is the best option of the new updated app. I am member of a couple of Meetup groups about Drones, but I also travel a lot and hope this helps me to find like-minded pilots and great places to fly legally without restrictions. It got pretty hard, because everyone, yes everyone, is cooking its own little law-soup together.

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(c) DJI

You have the FAA with the federal laws, but then states, counties and even cities started to pass their own laws. You have to do two weeks of research if  you go somewhere new, just to be a 100% sure about where to fly and what the rules are. This is crazy and needs to be updated and centralized. The FAA would pop in mind probably first, but it’s a government agency and we all know how much they care about stuff like this and then they do whatever they want anyway even after consulting professionals. Anyway we would have at least a centralized set of rules and available at one source for the whole USA.

Let’s see what happens.


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