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In the beginning Boeing had a lot of problems with their new airplane the 787 Dreamliner but everything seems to be solved now. The Dreamliner is a really great airplane and I definitely want to fly in one and experience it.

Now Boeing gave us the ability to track the flights of the Dreamliner arround the globe. All you need is the Google Earth plugin for your browser, which you might have already installed otherwise you will be asked to do so.

787 Flight-Tracker Globeview
787 Flight-Tracker Globeview


Go to the Dreamliner-Homepage, where you also can find the flight tracker. On the Homepage you find a list with current flights and you can select one to get more detailed information and book a flight. I guess “book a flight” – feature is pretty useless, because most flights are already in the air or shortly before take off. But at least you can book the same route for another day and will normally get the Dreamliner as airplane. And the last option is “view in Google Earth”. The airplane position is refreshed every 30 minutes. That’s probably for security reasons.

787 Flight-Tracker 360view
787 Flight-Tracker 360view

After finishing loading all the flight tracks, you are viewing the previous selected airplane in the 360° view. It will rotate automatically or you can control it with your mouse. On the top is a bar where you can select to view the current plane as a passenger. It will look like you are sitting inside the airplane and viewing out of the window. This two views are best, if you are over land and not the ocean. Just try it out.

If you click on Globe View, you return to the globe and will see all flights currently en route.

On the right there is another navigation bar with all available flights right now and you can jump to another plane and you also will see some flight details.

787 Flight-Tracker Passengerview
787 Flight-Tracker Passengerview
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