Breaking News: United Made a Positive Change to Its MileagePlus Program

Fellow frequent fliers and point hoggers, good news if you are part of United Airlines frequent flier program MileagePlus Program. They just announced an incredible change.

Your hard-earned miles won’t expire anymore. Before you had to have activity on your account to stop your miles from expiring. Now United is catching up with Delta Airlines. Delta has this huge benefit for a very long time already. My miles with Delta are older than one decade.

What’s the catch? None! Everyone with a MileagePlus account will benefit from this change right away. Now you can save for your next flight or upgrade without worrying if your miles will expire before you can use them.

A great new way to collect miles is United’s new MileagePlus X app, which is available for Android and iOS.

The last few months I have used United’s partnership with BP to earn additional miles by filling up my car. Unfortunately, this partnership is coming to an end at the end of September. Use the last few days to earn additional miles for fuel purchases at BP.

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