Singapore Airlines A350 Inaugural Flight from Seattle (SEA) to Singapore (SIN)

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Singapore Airlines is bringing a new non-stop flight to Seattle on September 3, 2019. An Airbus A350-900 will take passengers from Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This service will increase to four times per week in October 2019 where you can also fly on Sunday to Singapore.

The airline will fly its A350-900 in the long haul configuration to Seattle with 42 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy Class, and 187 Economy Class seats. Remember, the plane and seat layout can change at any time for operational reasons.

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Seat Map (Courtesy of Singapore Airlines)

This is the first-ever nonstop flight from Sea-Tac Airport to Southeast Asia. With a flight time of 15 hours and 50 minutes and a distance of 8,070 miles, this makes it the longest non-stop flight out of Sea-Tac.

Inbound Flight to Seattle SQ 28

Departure Time Singapore: 9:25 a.m.

Arrival Time Seattle: 9:05 a.m. on the same day.

Outbound Flight from Seattle SQ27

Departure Time Seattle: 10:40 a.m.

Arrival Time Singapore: 5:30 p.m. the next day

Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Seattle will be Singapore Airlines fourth non-stop route and fifth overall to the United States besides Houston, Los Angeles, New York (both JFK and Newark airports) and San Francisco.

It was a big show for the inaugural arrival and departure of Singapore Airlines’ A350. First, the plane was greeted by a turret saltue just in front of the gate. It was a beautiful day and location and timing lead to the creaton of a rainbox during the turret saltue.

Arrival and Turret Salute

The celebration of this new non-stop route from Seattle was kicked off with snacks and beverages for passengers and guests which included an awesome cake. Passengers of this flight were in for another special treat as they would receive a gift bag during boarding which also included an airplane model of the A350.

Before boarding started there was the offical ceremony which included a lion dance, speeches and ribbon cutting by Lancy Lyttle (Managing Director, Aviation – Port of Seattle) and Cambell Wilson (Vice President Sales and Marketing for Singapore Airlines).

Shortly after that, the airline started the boarding process to get ready for its journey to Singapore Changi Airport. The plane left about 30 minutes late. While at the gate, the plane got restocked with supplies and food.

Departure of SQ27

Sea-Tac International Terminal Improvements

The airport is currently renovating and expanding its terminal for international arrivals. International flights will arrive at the South Satellite which will feature an areal walkway over an active taxi lane. The areal walkway will be 85ft from the ground and will span 900 feet between the satellite building and the newly built International Arrivals Facility (IAF). A new security corridor will also allow for airplanes to arrive directly at the International Arrivals Facility at one of eight gates. These gates can also be used for domestic flights from Concourse A. Opening of the new facilities is scheduled for

Sea-Tac is undergoing main renovations and expansions in the moment. Just recently the finished phase one of the North Satellite Modernization Project and also open Alaska Airlines’ Flagship lounge.

Next year Lufhansa will also fly non-stop from Seattle to Munich besides the already existing flight to Frankfurt, Germany.

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