Buddy’s Pizza – The Home of Detroit’s Original Sicilian Style Square Pizza

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My first night in Detroit, never been here before. After a long day of traveling to get here, I was craving some food. Why not some pizza, I thought.

I fired up my laptop and checked the pizza places around my hotel, the Holiday Inn Express in Sterling Heights. I wanted to try a local pizza place and found that Buddy’s Pizza was close to the hotel. I opened up their website and saw that they offer “Detroit-Style Pizza”. I had to try that, was my thought in that moment.
I took a look at their extensive menu and ordered an 8-square Detroit style pizza. I didn’t know what to expect but it sounded delicious. My idea was to have the pizza delivered and enjoy it in my room. Unfortunately, they don’t deliver at all and I was worried first that I am outside of their delivery area. The nice lady told me that it would be about 25 minutes for my pizza being ready for pickup.

I drove over to Buddy’s Pizza on Old Thirteen Mile Road in Warren. Just as I entered the separate door for pick-ups my pizza was ready. I paid and went back to the hotel.

Buddy’s Pizza Warren

Buddy’s Pizza Menu

I sat on the bed in my room, turned on the TV and opened my square pizza box. Oh, the pizza looked so delicious and I was smelling it in the car on my way back already.

I grabbed a corner piece and took the first bite and it was love at first bite. It was just a regular pepperoni pizza, my favorite anyway, but it tasted so delicious. The pizza was not greasy at all and they have a special trick. At Buddy’s Pizza, they put the pepperoni “inside” the pizza and not on top of it. Even the crust is so delicious that you rather want a corner piece instead one out of the middle.

8 Square Detroit Style Pizza

But Buddy’s Pizza doesn’t only serve pizza. Buddy’s features an extensive menu which includes as well burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups and much more. Another favorite of mine at Buddy’s is the Mac&Cheese. A secret tip – add chicken to your Mac&Cheese. The Mac&Cheese order comes with breadsticks and either a house salad or a soup. I was basically living the whole week only from food from Buddy’s Pizza.

House Salad



Every time I visit Detroit again, I will stop by at Buddy’s Pizza. Just to remember the great taste and flavor of the pizza.

A little bit history about Buddy’s Pizza.

It all started in the 1930s on the corner of Conant and Six Mile Road as a neighborhood tavern. In 1946 the menu got extended by the Sicilian style pizza. Soon people became hooked with the unique recipe of this pizza and the legend of the Detroit Style Square Pizza was born.

Today, more than 70 years after the Detroit Style Square Pizza was introduced, Buddy’s Pizza has 11 locations throughout the Metro Detroit area and is recognized as one of the best pizza places.

A few titles Buddy’s Pizza won

  • “Nation’s Five Best Pizza Places” by The Food Network (2003)
  • “Hottest Independent Pizzeria in the Nation” by Pizza Today (2005)
  • “One of the best 25 Pizzas in America” by GQ Magazine (2009)
  • “One of the 25 Best Pizza Spots in the U.S.” by Food & Wine Magazine
  • “One of the Best Pizzas” by Pure Michigan
  • “One of the Five Great Pizza Places in the Country” by Parade Magazine
  • “Destination Pizza and Ten Pizzas Worth a Trip.” by Zagat

Buddy’s Pizza is also Official Pizza Partner of Metro Detroit’s Greatest Attractions. Find out more on Buddy’s Pizza website. If you visit one of the participating locations check your ticket for offers. The admission to “The Henry Ford” gave me a $4 off the next pizza purchase at Buddy’s Pizza.

For more savings check their website for coupons. The current coupons are available here.

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