GM Heritage Center Detroit – Sterling Heights

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I was able to get a look at this exclusive and private venue during my Detroit visit. The GM Heritage Center is not open to the public, however, it can be booked for meetings, training, special events and formal or informal dinners.

The Heritage Center’s mission is to provide tangible proof of the remarkable ability of the people of General Motors to create, innovate and explore new ways.

Did you know that General Motors was engaged in the development of trains and planes? I didn’t until the visit at this venue exhibiting some of their early accomplishments in both fields.

There are more than 150 exhibits always on display in the always changing GM Heritage Center. Some of the vehicles were set aside from the factory because they were the first one of the line, some of the vehicles were bought back to conserve them and present them here. Some of the cars are rare and have a value way beyond its original price. During my visit, it was a 1911 Oldsmobile Limited in perfect shape.

1911 Oldsmobile Limited

The Heritage Center also displays some of the prototypes GM build like the world’s first hydrogen fuel-cell car created by GM engineers forty years ago. I got to see the modified 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe which won the DARPA Urban Challenge for autonomous driving.

2007 DARPA Chevrolet Tahoe aka Boss

This place is great for car enthusiasts but unfortunately, it is a private venue. If you are local you can probably convince your company to choose this as one of the next meeting locations. However, if you are into GM cars, there is an alternate location. Make sure you visit the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit as well. They have a GM showroom, which is currently under construction and will re-open in Summer 2017. I recommend you to stop by for one of the two daily and free tours at the GM RenCen.

I really want to thank the GM Heritage Center team, especially Peggy, for making all that possible and being able to have a look inside this facility.

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